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OverTheWire Bandit Level 20 - 21

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Prompt #

There is a setuid binary in the home directory that does the following:

  1. It makes a connection to localhost on the port you specify as a command line argument.
  2. It then reads a line of text from the connection and compares it to the password in the previous level (bandit20). If the password is correct, it will transmit the password for the next level (bandit21).
$ ssh -p 2220 password: GbKksEFF4yrVs6il55v6gwY5aVje5f0j
bandit20@bandit:~$ ls -l
-rwsr-x--- 1 bandit21 bandit20 12088 May 7 2020 suconnect
bandit20@bandit:~$ echo -n "GbKksEFF4yrVs6il55v6gwY5aVje5f0j" | nc -lp 2222 &
[1] 1145
bandit20@bandit:~$ ./suconnect 2222
bandit20@bandit:~$ ./suconnect 2222
Read: GbKksEFF4yrVs6il55v6gwY5aVje5f0j
Password matches, sending next password
[1]+ Done echo -n "GbKksEFF4yrVs6il55v6gwY5aVje5f0j" | nc -lp 2222

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