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OverTheWire Bandit Level 5 - 6

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Prompt #

The password for the next level is stored in a file somewhere under the inhere directory and has all of the following properties:

  • human-readable
  • 1033 bytes in size
  • not executable

Solution #

$ ssh -p 2220 password: koReBOKuIDDepwhWk7jZC0RTdopnAYKh
bandit5@bandit:~$ ls
bandit5@bandit:~$ ls inhere/
maybehere00 maybehere02 maybehere04 maybehere06 maybehere08 maybehere10 maybehere12 maybehere14 maybehere16 maybehere18
maybehere01 maybehere03 maybehere05 maybehere07 maybehere09 maybehere11 maybehere13 maybehere15 maybehere17 maybehere19
bandit5@bandit:~$ find inhere -type f -size 1033c -exec file {} \; | grep ":.* ASCII text"
inhere/maybehere07/.file2: ASCII text, with very long lines
bandit5@bandit:~$ cat inhere/maybehere07/.file2