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TryHackMe OhSINT

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This is my attempt at TryHackMe’s OhSINT challenge. We are given a JPEG as a starting point.

The provided JPEG showing the default Windows XP desktop wallpaper
The provided JPEG showing the default Windows XP desktop wallpaper

What is this user’s avatar of? #

  1. By running examining the picture’s EXIF metadata, the following output tells that OWoodflint is a possible link:

    $ exiftool WindowsXP.jpg
    ExifTool Version Number         : 12.16
    File Name                       : WindowsXP.jpg
    Directory                       : .
    File Size                       : 229 KiB
    File Modification Date/Time     : 2021:04:10 14:52:00+10:00
    File Access Date/Time           : 2021:04:10 14:51:59+10:00
    File Inode Change Date/Time     : 2021:04:10 14:52:08+10:00
    File Permissions                : rw-r--r--
    File Type                       : JPEG
    File Type Extension             : jpg
    MIME Type                       : image/jpeg
    XMP Toolkit                     : Image::ExifTool 11.27
    GPS Latitude                    : 54 deg 17' 41.27" N
    GPS Longitude                   : 2 deg 15' 1.33" W
    Copyright                       : OWoodflint
    Image Width                     : 1920
    Image Height                    : 1080
    Encoding Process                : Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
    Bits Per Sample                 : 8
    Color Components                : 3
    Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling            : YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2)
    Image Size                      : 1920x1080
    Megapixels                      : 2.1
    GPS Latitude Ref                : North
    GPS Longitude Ref               : West
    GPS Position                    : 54 deg 17' 41.27" N, 2 deg 15' 1.33" W
  2. The Twitter profile @OWoodflint has a cat in its avatar.

Answer: cat

What city is this person in? #

people_finder #

Hi all, I am from London, I like taking photos and open source projects.

Follow me on twitter: @OWoodflint

This project is a new social network for taking photos in your home town.

Project starting soon! Email me if you want to help out:

Answer: London

Whats the SSID of the WAP he connected to? #

  1. The Twitter profile @OWoodflint wrote in a Twitter status:
  1. The website tells us that the BSSID B4:5D:50:AA:86:41 has an SSID of UnileverWiFi.

Answer: UnileverWiFi

Where has he gone on holiday? #

  • According to Oliver Woodflint’s website:

Im in New York right now, so I will update this site right away with new photos!

Answer: New York

What is this persons password? #

  • Inside to Oliver Woodflint’s website HTML code:
<p style="color: #ffffff;" class="has-text-color">pennYDr0pper.!</p>

Answer: pennYDr0pper.!

References #

Omri Bornstein
Omri Bornstein
Software Engineer, Gopher, TeXnician