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A social media scraper that is interfaced via a server-side rendered HTML user interface (or a CLI), and is managed by a REST API and a NoSQL database.

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A cross-platform file-watcher that can run a command after each file-system operation on a given files or simply wait once until a file is changed.

A cross-platform re-implementation of the macOS utility caffeinate that keeps the screen turned on either until stopped, for a set duration of time or while another process still runs.


A Discord bot for MonSec’s Discord server, that fetches statistics about competing Capture the Flag teams from CTFtime, and displays them in the Discord interface.

As part of the FIT2082 unit, I contributed to an existing codebase, based on prior research by (Gange, Harabor and Stuckey, 2021) about Lazy CBS, their Multi-Agent Path Finding (MAPF) algorithm.

  • I modified the Lazy CBS codebase such that the algorithm also outputs the final set of constraints that is used to rule out paths, such that the Lazy CBS is formally an Explainable Multi-Agent Path Finding (XMAPF) algorithm.
  • I enabled Python-to-C++ bindings, such that the compiled Lazy CBS codebase can be used as a Python-facing library for future projects.
Daniel Harabor
Daniel Harabor
Mor Vered
Mor Vered


My first attempt at building a Minecraft server plugin. This plugin adds the requirement that the player supplies the password (via a server command) before proper server interaction is allowed, and as long as the password isn’t provided, the currently-unauthorized player is blinded and immobile.


My previous attempt at building a full-stack social media scraper, which is built with Angular on the front-end, and Nest on the back-end.

My previous attempt at building a CLI social media scraper, which is built with OCLIF.